“The entrepreneurial spirit that is alive within ICS provides me with the challenges, technologies, and the true sense of competitiveness that makes every day exciting.”
Erika Peace, FAA Project Manager
“As a college student, my class schedule changes every semester. At ICS, my schedule is flexible and I can change it according to my classes. ICS allows me to apply the skills and principles that I learn in college. The work environment at ICS provides me with the opportunity to gain new experiences every day.”
Ayesha Sayed, ICS Finance
“ICS as a company has grown and changed a lot over the short time that I have been here. I have seen the company thrive in its high points, and I have seen everyone pull together in its low points; but what keeps me coming back everyday are the people. The people in a company can make it or break it, and at ICS they, without a doubt, make it. ICS has people from all walks of life and we all work together to get the job done when it really counts.”
Adair Stephen, ICS Human Resources
“Thanks for all your hard work and effort in getting both of these storage arrays operational. Hopefully at some point in the future, we will be able to get resolution on the outstanding equipment that was ordered including the Fibre Channel switches to resolve the port constraints that you mentioned below. At any rate, well done!”
Edward Sturm, MCIS
“ICS has opened many doors for my career as a Proposal Writer, providing me with opportunities that I could only gain from a team composed of leaders that support their employees’ creativity, potential, and personal goals. Each member of our team brings innovative and diverse ideas and solutions that help ICS develop into a thriving and industry leading company. ICS challenges employees, whether they are an entry level associate or a senior executive, to contribute work that is significant to the company’s prosperity. This wealth of knowledge is inspiring, and the ability to work for a forward thinking team has enabled me to develop, refine, and utilize my skills. In addition, the welcoming and amicable environment creates an enjoyable, successful, and learning conducive atmosphere. This collaborative culture has been apparent since my first day at ICS, and is the reason why I am a part of the ICS “OneTeam” family.”
Shannon Foley, ICS Proposal Team
“Through my career, I have had the opportunity to work for a number of market leading organizations ranging from large government contractors, to medium sized corporations, to the smallest of independent “.com” shops. I choose to work for ICS because it offers the best of each breed. It is small enough that work does not get encumbered by the time consuming processes of a mega organization, but still has the leading edge technological influence and reach of the larger contractors in support of mission critical Customer programs. I also really enjoy the rich diversity of our workforce and the opportunity to learn from and work with a family of talented and innovative colleagues from all around the globe. In my mind, ICS is a great organization to work for as it leverages the best of all worlds and is the little company with a BIG impact!”
Karen Russ, ICS Program Manager
“It’s been my pleasure to work with you and the ICS team on the EMS365 project. The FAA Mobility EMS365 migration was successful thanks to your and your team tireless efforts. Thank you for putting this mobility transition together.”
Mobility Lead, FAA EMS365
“I work for ICS-nett because it allows me to work with many different technologies. Able to work with direct customers and contribute to proposal effort for potential new customers. The executives are easy with which to talk and discuss positive aspects as well as concerns. I have directly experienced appreciation from the of ICS Nett.”
James Kennedy, ICS Senior Systems Engineer
Harry A. Cikanek III, Director, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration