ICS provides real-time Visibility and Asset Tracking Solutions that lower the cost of asset management and enhance overall enterprise security and accountability. ICS is an active participant in the revolution in inventory control and total asset visibility.

Our operational capabilities span the Supply Chain, including Advanced Logistics Planning, Demand Forecasting, Total Asset Visibility and Management (including the use of RFID technology), and Lifecycle Support for weapons systems.

In the commercial and defense markets, Total Asset Visibility continues to be in soaring demand as private sector and defense leaders re-direct their logistics efforts towards delivering rapid and consistent support to their respective enterprises. Budgetary constraints, increasing security concerns, and competition continue to drive into obsolescence legacy approaches that maintain excess supplies just in case they might be needed. Today, the policy of provisioning just what is needed on a real-time basis for the right location is becoming the de-facto standard. To uphold this new standard and keep pace with market drivers, ICS delivers leading-edge logistics support to 21st century enterprises, whether they be commercial, civilian, or defense. ICS maintains your leading edge in the field of TAV systems.

ICS services are innovating in ways that offer flexibility in solutions while providing leading-edge services that transform business processes and advance both governance and strategic asset management.

To help create the next generation of Total Asset Visibility solutions, ICS offers the following key services:

Supply Chain Technology

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFI)
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Visibility and Tracking

Logistics Operations

  • Asset Management
  • Logistics Support of Equipment and Operational Testing
  • Ordinance Logistics

Integrated Logistics Support

  • Configuration Management
  • Logistics Support
  • Program Support

Maintenance Material Management

  • Real Time Equipment Readiness Reporting
  • In-depth Material Spare Management

Warehouse and Distribution

  • Advanced Material Search Capability within Large Storage Facilities
  • Receipt, Storage, Issue, Redistribution, Shipment, and Disposal of Supplies

Training Logistics

  • State-of-the-Art Training Simulators, Software and Custom Applications
  • Classroom Training, Courseware Development, and Safety Education