Integrated Cloud Security

With international reach and embedded expertise, ICS engages with public and private organizations to safeguard against internal and external security threats including fire, burglary, internal theft, intrusion, organized crime, inventory loss, fleet mismanagement, and workplace violence. We specialize in protecting your employees, customers, facilities, assets, inventory, processes, and operations with solutions that are geared to your business, scaled to your enterprise, and enhanced with the most intelligent information management and security management solutions anywhere.

Our security solutions are scalable to integrate across any platforms in any sectors at any level from small business to enterprise. We are well-versed in a wide range of markets to include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing/Logistics
  • Property Management
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • High Tech
  • Energy
  • Defense

Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems

Do you need to install a new video surveillance system or upgrade your existing CCTV cameras?  Our surveillance specialists, installation technicians, and technical experts develop best in class video surveillance solutions. We build the right solution for you to put the right cameras in the right places to manage your video operations capabilities to enhance your security programs using our unique integrated systems. From small business video surveillance systems to enterprise video surveillance for hundreds of locations, we support you with layout, installation, testing, maintenance, and new or existing video surveillance systems solutions. We deliver complete customizable surveillance.

Video Cameras

We install industry leading video cameras for every application in any environment.  Our camera systems are specifically configured to deliver without fail in the most demanding environments. From extreme temperatures to hostile environments, we offer the most advanced HD IP video security cameras and wireless IP networked video security cameras in a complete range of cameras, housings and mounts. 

Our team of skilled video surveillance specialists are capable of supporting most infrastructure and network requirements. Our team of experts have many years of experience planning and installing a complete small business video surveillance system, or a networked video surveillance system, to meet the needs of enterprise-wide video surveillance.

  • Digital and analog cameras
  • Infrared, low-light and thermal cameras
  • Wireless cameras
  • IP-networked cameras
  • Transit and mobile cameras
  • Zoom and pan capabilities
  • Indoor and outdoor camera solutions
  • Monitoring and video look-in from smart phones and tablets
  • Housings to protect against weather and vandalism
  • Complete design, installation and maintenance services

Managed Video

Using the clients existing video infrastructure, our specialists can connect you to our Managed Video Services to provide around-the-clock alarm verification and management, video guard tours, video escort services, video monitoring with voice-down capabilities, and more.  These value added services will further enhance your security posture when linked to your access control programs.

  • Remote video guard tours of selected facilities
  • Video escort services on schedule or upon request
  • Protection of key personnel and sensitive areas/operations
  • Unattended delivery monitoring and management
  • Voice-down capability to respond to critical events
  • Increased security through remote monitoring
  • Highly effective deterrent to employee theft
  • Reduced false alarms through video verification
  • Regulatory compliance including AHJ, FDA and CFATS
  • A visual record of monitored activities

Access Control

Deterring breaches and protecting facilities are essential requirements of any Physical Security Program.  The first stage is to mitigate the risk of intrusion by unauthorized persons onto facility grounds or against accessing of information.

Ensure that only your personnel gain entry to your corporate campus or government facility by monitoring Common Areas and further enhance your security posture by fortifying your Special Access Programs.

Physical Access Control

  • K-Rated fences and gates
  • Pop-up vehicle delta barriers to prevent entry/exit
  • Sally ports and mantraps
  • Traffic barricades
  • Turnstiles
  • Drive-up solutions
  • Vaults, safes and depositories
  • Serving commercial and governmental installations

Hosted Access Control

Our cloud-based hosted access control solution, helps our clients leverage the power of online management to remotely control access to all of their facilities. By utilization of the latest hosted access control system technology, ICS offers access control solutions using Internet-ready panels to connect single, multiple and remote facilities or entry points.

  • The best hosted access control solutions, customized to your small business or enterprise
  • Multiple facilities can be networked on the spot
  • Remote facilities can be managed online via any web device
  • Complete access history with instant notification of critical events
  • Secure, credentialed access through web browser
  • Manage user permissions in real-time
  • Apply group access control rights for any day/time
  • Highly effective for control of critical access points
  • Name and tag verification
  • Visual verification from central monitoring center

Managed Access Control

Controlled access for a single entry, or for an entire enterprise with geographically dispersed locations –allows us to provide real-time building access control management. This innovative service puts our team of trained professionals in the forefront of your security management, so you can focus on managing your organization or business.

  • Professional 24/7 management and administration
  • Access control card management
  • Employee permissions administration
  • Alarm activity reporting
  • Door schedule maintenance
  • Automated software upgrades and backups
  • Holiday schedule management
  • Weekly or monthly email reports
  • Industry standard card and reader technologies
  • Installation, service and support


The ability to successfully control access to highly sensitive operations, areas, and assets is vital.  Identification and monitoring are the main stays to this success, and Biometrics play an essential role in this task.  

Implementing identification scanners and door locks eliminate the need for access control cards and keypad codes, installing comprehensive technology such as biometric server racks, fingerprint scanners and other solutions for iris and facial identification, we help you deploy advanced, secure and personalized biometric security solutions.

Intrusion Control

Protect your business whether you are a small businesses or a multi-national enterprise, from the threat of intrusion through smart systems that provide 24-hour per day monitoring capabilities as part of a complete security solution.  Our subject matter experts will work with you to meet your specific needs and challenges from design to installation to service and monitoring.

Perimeter Protection

After a complete site security assessment, our specialists will develop perimeter security solutions including perimeter intrusion detection and perimeter alarms designed to detect and deter threats from entering your premises. Our solutions will enable you to better manage traffic flows, expedite access for authorized personnel and visitors, secure vital operations, and establish a more secure perimeter.

  • Automobile barriers and access systems
  • Personnel access systems
  • Card-based and Biometric access
  • K-rated gates
  • Fiber-based security fences
  • Photo-electric solutions
  • Outdoor video surveillance and recording
  • Monitored alarm systems
  • Ground-based radar systems
  • Maritime-based systems
  • Solutions to meet Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS

Alarm Systems

Work place violence and vulnerabilities have become major areas of concern during recent years.  Our alarm systems which consist of both interior panic alarm, duress alarms, and intrusion sensors.  Panic alarms must be discreet and reliable, our systems are give your personnel that confidence.

  • Panic buttons and systems
  • Hold-up buttons
  • Parking duress systems
  • Video intercom systems
  • Door and window panic devices
  • Exit panic devices
  • A variety of discreet solutions
  • Instant dispatch of law enforcement personnel

Video Analytics

Unlike standard industry analytics solutions that analyze footage in standard definition, ICS utilizes its knowledge in managing high definition video to analyze in full HD resolution, without any encoding or loss of quality – resulting in far greater accuracy and a higher level of protection to keep your assets safe and secure.

ICS analytics solutions provide a higher degree of accuracy in object notification, due to our technologies utilization of advanced video pattern-based algorithms, we are able to accurately recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that isn’t relevant to a scene. Teach by example technology allows users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarms to refine the device’s self-learning capabilities. These sharper, smarter technologies provide far greater accuracy and fewer false alarms.

We offer a smarter analytics solution that is unparalleled in the industry. Through the use of high definition video analytics, pattern-based analytics algorithms and teach by example capabilities, we are leading the industry in providing preventative protection through superior self-learning video analytics technology.

  • Customer and traffic intelligence solutions
  • Analyze traffic counts, dwell times, wait times and more
  • Tools to maximize retail floor plans
  • Understand employee and vendor traffic patterns
  • Monitor employee and department performance
  • Track open/close performance at multiple locations
  • Sophisticated and reliable supply-chain management
  • Powerful and comprehensive reporting capabilities

Wireless Networking

Through the design of a wireless network to support your video security infrastructure, you can lay the groundwork for the future while protecting your existing investments.  We offer complete support in the analog-to-digital migration and management of legacy security systems, as well as the installation of fully wireless digital video network solutions.

  • Wireless cameras, recorders and monitors
  • Integration with existing networks
  • Place cameras where needed without additional cabling
  • Highly flexible, scalable and affordable solutions
  • Monitor and record wirelessly from anywhere
  • Remote viewing capabilities from smartphone or tablet


Our end-to-end solutions allow you to truly protect your environment from integration to monitoring providing for the safety of operations and personnel.  When the situation is critical, our emergency notification, inspections, assessment and compliance support are standing by you with trusted experience to deliver reliable solutions. 

  • Keep your project on-time and on budget with local service and system support
  • We handle all system layout, installation, testing and compliance
  • We have experience with general contractor and architectural teams
  • All systems, components and equipment used are UL Listed
  • UL Certificate Service is available for every installation
  • End-to-end, world-class detection and monitoring solutions
  • Flexible notification solutions over multiple devices and languages
  • Local, state and federal compliance support

Mass Notification

Emergency Management in real time saves lives. Mass notification systems allow communication with large groups that may be impacted by a situation such as an emergency (fire, shooting, security breach) or a routine event (facility closing, traffic, weather). These solutions are critically important in helping facilities and safety executives address the range of threats and emergencies that can occur in today’s world. Increasingly, they are seeking more robust levels of protection, improved communications, and the ability to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from incidents.

ICS can propose, install and support reliable, cost-efficient mass notification systems that work across indoor, outdoor and electronic environments, using integrated, multi-layered technologies, including: voice-enabled fire alarm systems, loud speakers, duress stations, electronic messaging displays, and messages sent to phones. Our systems are designed to deliver scalable protection that adapts to evolving events.

  • Improve situational awareness and strengthen response
  • Customizable multi-tiered, flexible technology
  • Redundant and reliable; incorporated into building systems
  • Leverage indoor and wide-area visual and audio messaging
  • Messages shared with dispersed users via smart phones and other devices
  • Broadcast critical messages quickly, all from a simplified web-based interface
  • Part of an overall life-safety solution

IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System)

Our alert notification services allow you to quickly deliver messages to cell phones, telephone networks, tablets, fax machines and other devices from a web-based interface to effectively communicate threats, warnings, emergency information, weather conditions, or service interruptions.

  • Send emergency or routine alert notices across all communications channels
  • Two-way polling for quick feedback via keypad
  • Compatible with VoIP/SIPS phone networks
  • One-touch calling for key personnel
  • Easily customize notification groups
  • Unlimited messaging with receipt verification
  • No additional hardware or software to install
  • Web-based interface requires minimal training
  • 24-hour call center for backup in case of Internet failure

Support Services

ICS engagement in all phases of the planning, installation and maintenance of your systems provides on-time and on budget installations, professional services and support.


Our installation teams are certified and meet all industry compliance standards to ensure that your system is installed quickly and expertly to ensure the highest level of service in enhancing your security system whether it is a new system or an upgrade of your existing infrastructure.


Our technicians provide unsurpassed quality in the maintenance of your systems to ensure longevity and the highest performance standards.  We offer a variety of Service Contracts to fit your needs and budget.


We provide our subject matter experts to conduct initial assessments of your site and security needs to develop and design a comprehensive solutions for your unique specifications.  We maintain this high caliber of service through continued support inspections to ensure that your system is operating at an optimum, compliant, and up to date.

Remote Cloud Services

Cloud-based Video

A cloud-based video management solution (VMS) that is cost effective and easy to use can help you improve visibility into your business while away and have secure off-site video storage. Remotely store, manage, view and monitor video entirely in the cloud via an Internet connection, anytime and from any device. The solution is web-based and therefore requires no software and does not require IT specialists.

  • Simplified management of multiple locations
  • Leverage existing IP and analog cameras to reduce cost
  • View multiple locations easily
  • Share video and provide varying user rights for different users
  • Dedicated and fully functional iOS and Android mobile applications

Cloud-based Storage

Store all your photo and video files to lower costs and secure your data against any threat be it a fire, natural disaster or a break-in.

System Management

Our robust suite of System Management Services affords you the ability to focus on what is important to your business while we secure what is important. Through our Managed Video, you can connect your video surveillance network to ours for a world of advanced security services by our remote video security specialists. Allowing us to handle your Managed Access Control provides you the peace of mind that trained professionals are monitoring your access control system; while our hosted access control solution lets you remotely control your system from any web device. 

ICS provides the best Physical Security and Information Management (PSIM) solution with a true 3D model at its heart.

Our goal is to deliver our clients the best situational awareness when security incidents occur. We provide the visualization, tools, and decision-making methods to react quickly, accurately, and decisively. Our customer management team will interface with our clients to ensure that future PSIM needs are continuously incorporated into the solution.

Technical Solution and Design

Our Technical Solution practice focuses on defining the solution to exceed all of your requirements. We integrate Security Systems in the following areas:

  • Access control systems such as Software House, Lenel, and Hirsch
  • Video Management Systems (VMS) such as Genetec, Milestone, or Indigovision
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR) such as American Dynamics, Pelco, Panasonic, and Multiplexers
  • Fire systems such as Siemens, GE, and Honeywell
  • IP-based intercom systems such as Zenitel or Aiphone
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) systems
  • GPS and radar systems
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) such as ESRI ArcGIS and Google Maps
  • Perimeter/intrusion detection systems
  • Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems
  • Gunshot detection systems
  • Video analytics systems
  • UPS systems and energy management data
  • Biometric identification systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • SNMP integrated systems

Turnkey Solution

Before a site implementation is handed over to the client, the following items are verified and documented:

  • Technical security
  • Device configuration validation
  • Geo-spatial coordinate accuracy (determines the accuracy of data recorded at the point of application)
  • Server stress and capacity tests
  • Server redundancy tests
  • Network latency tests
  • Network recovery tests
  • Active directory Integration
  • Access rights validation
  • Staff training validation
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Review
  • Verification

Verification activities will be applied to all aspects of the system in any of its intended environments, such as development, testing, or training where the intended solution and its components are in conformance with the requirements. For this process, Team ICS will ensure the Test Plan, corresponding business scenarios, and Test Cases (including the verification methods) are in complete alignment.

Reviews, Inspections and Follow-up

For the PSIM solution (PSIM server, PSIM client, TSS connectors, and software sub-system integration), a diligent Agile-based software development and test process is followed. Individual software modules go through unit test, module test, and system test cycles. Iterative testing is conducted with a standard test case library. The system performance tests includes load tests, endurance tests, reserve capacity tests, storage capacity tests, white-box tests, power recovery tests, and regression tests. The PSIM solution will be put through a series of formal test and verification methods when it is promoted from the development to test and, subsequently, to the production environment. FISMA-compliant documentation will be prepared including the changes to the solution from the previous release, release notes, test scripts, test results, performance metrics, risk assessments, and any other documentation necessary for the solution to achieve the authority to operate (ATO) status.

A detailed pre-deployment checklist is used to verify all the hardware, software, networking, redundancy, and integration-related components. Depending on the installation scenario, the software is pre-loaded on the servers, installed over the network, or installed using digital media.

In the post-installation testing, the following items are verified and documented:

  1. Device configuration validation
  2. Geo-spatial coordinate accuracy (determines the accuracy of data recorded at the point of application
  3. Server stress and capacity tests, as well as server redundancy tests
  4. Network latency tests and network recovery tests
  5. Regional/Global intervention on Alarms/Alerts and Incidents
  6. Active Directory Integration and Access Rights validation
  7. Staff training validation
  8. SOPs

This documentation forms the Operational Readiness Review package. It is verified against FISMA requirements before submission to the government.

Data Security

Special attention is paid to the sensitive data being processed by the PSIM system.

  1. Sensitive data is not stored unless necessary
  2. Sensitive data is not stored in software code
  3. If sensitive data must be stored, the design ensures they are stored securely
  4. The design identifies protection mechanisms for sensitive data that is sent over the network
  5. Sensitive data is not logged in clear text by the application

Requirement Management

Our Program Management Team will interface with clients to ensure all PSIM requirements at global, regional, and local levels are gathered, analyzed, catalogued, and addressed during the execution of the PSIM project.

Technical Solution and Design

The CMMI Technical Solution (TS) process area practiced by ICS focuses on defining the solution so to meet and exceed all the requirements. Different solution components, such as TSS and software sub-system integration, go through system integration (SI) management.

Security Risk Assessments and Design Reviews

We will perform security risk assessment on the PSIM solution prior to the Critical Design Review (CDR), and the System Security Plan (SSP) will be updated prior to Operational Readiness Review (ORR). We will identify design security risks and, by utilizing NIST 800-27 guidelines and lessons learned from other federal engagements, recommend mitigation strategies for the implementation of compensating controls.


Verification activities will be applied to all aspects of the system in any of its intended environments—such as development, testing, or training—where the intended solution and its components conform with their requirements. For this process, Team ICS will ensure the Test Plan, corresponding business scenarios, and Test Cases (including the verification methods) are in complete alignment.