ICS is leading the industry in designing, developing, integrating, and managing this new world of converged technology.

Information Technology and Communications (or Telecommunications) are typically considered separate functions in most organizations. But to be effective in today’s competitive marketplace, they must be treated as two parts of a single technology, one that combines intelligence with physical infrastructure. Only then can they be developed into the comprehensive foundation needed to support so many other technologies that have become commonplace in our everyday lives. We can no longer afford to build multiple different technology systems—all with separate requirements for maintenance and operation—into a facility, campus, or community.

To be the most cost-efficient and provide the highest level of interoperability across technologies requires a higher, conceptual understanding of all types of symbiotic systems, from life safety and computer networking to telephone, audio-visual, and building management. This takes a level of discovery, conceptualization, and engineering not to be found in technology companies whose sole focus is the product they are selling. Instead it requires a company with the vision to understand all technologies needed to address a client’s needs. And this company must have expertise in current and developing technologies, all of which will be integrated into the converged foundation we now call ICT. Few companies can offer this breadth and depth of knowledge.