Industry 4.0

Supporting Digitalization

At ICS, 4.0 Means Innovating, Collaborating and Leveraging Synergies at a Pace Never Before Seen in Our Corporate History

IT constitutes integrating advanced technological capabilities into our service offerings to enhance efficiency and improve the value we deliver to our customers, partners and stakeholders. More than just a coined phrase to our team, we work to capitalize on the advantages of Industry 4.0 and the many evolving breakthroughs by offering leading-edge mission support services. 

Across all of the markets we serve, we are engaged in helping our clients build a bridge from today into the enterprise of tomorrow. We develop the talent and expertise that bring solutions to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Government clients are facing a wave of innovation, which advances productivity but also expands threats geometrically. We prepare clients today with solutions that address how Government IT can respond to the opportunities and challenges that have emerged with IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Evolving Public Policy, Cyberwarfare, Mobility and Cloud, and 3D Manufacturing.


artificial intelligence

Our Healthcare IT pushes the boundaries with solutions that leverage Health Informatics and AI to study disease causality and augment that practitioners learn from advanced medical equipment and devices worldwide.

machine learning

ICS uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to combat cyber-warfare and manage more threat data than human security resources are capable of. To protect Data Centers, ICS ML capabilities find anomalies that are invisible to humans and automate remediation measures.

internet of things

Our clients realize optimal supply chain and peerless inventory management with our IoT sensors and RTLS solutions that enable real time asset tracking and total logistics integration.

predictive analytics

With predictive analytics services, ICS is revolutionizing the Customer Engagement Solutions we provide and enabling innovative insights that help clients achieve second-to-none call center service levels.

big data

ICS uses Big Data services to analyze large government agency portfolio assets. We deliver real-time visualization dashboards to manage performance, enable visibility into investment redundancy, identify IT programs dependancies and maturity levels, and perform gap analysis to remove cost and optimize portfolio resources.

integrated cloud

We offer leading-edge, self-service, private Cloud and Software as a Service Solutions. We bring Healthcare services securely into the Cloud to broaden accessibility and lower operating costs.

Cyber Security

Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Digital Transformation

ICS provides the full spectrum of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity services to government and commercial clients. Our Integrated Cyber Solutions protect the DoD, DoJ, DHA, DSS, and other federal, state, and local government enterprises. Our cyber experts use an array of cyber tools from various vendor partners, such as FireEye Helix, CrowdStrike Falcon, Splunk, Wireshark, Metasploit, Nessus, Aircrack-ng, Snort, Cain and Abel, BackTrack, Netcat, John the Ripper, and many others.

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