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Digital Revolution is reshaping the way smart buildings are designed, constructed, managed, and upgraded. The new generation facilities feature integrated automation solutions, automatic temperature controls, energy efficiency, advanced building operating and security systems. Technology and technical solutions in such buildings are expected to provide bottom-to-top integration and interoperability of digitally managed assets and processes, and increase users' productivity.

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Technology & Innovation

ICS’ proven technological expertise allows us to offer comprehensive capabilities in planning, developing and managing complex projects. Our engineers in collaboration with IT specialists and manufacturers, provide future-oriented solutions that allow the facilities to achieve the highest performance characteristics, reliability, energy efficiency, maintainability and security.

ICS utilizes advanced technology, from implementation of bottom-line operations optimization and automation, to enabling intelligence-driven decisions, visibility support, and digital management of the facilities and processes. We specialize in critical markets including Smart Healthcare, Mission Critical Facilities for Defense and Transportation authorities, Automated Manufacturing, and Logistics centers.

Steps for the Future-Ready Construction:
Intelligent Automation and Workplace Optimization
We work closely with our clients on their strategic and operational requirements for automation: from designing and constructing new state-of-art facilities to implementation of automation and digital management in the existing infrastructure.
Efficient and Safe Data Storage
Design, build and operation of Data Centers that are optimized in their efficiency and security, feature the most advanced technologies and built anticipating future evolutions.

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ICS is a leading provider of diverse technologies and capabilities across IT. We specialize in providing complex solutions for Governments, Healthcare Institutions, Mass Transit and Industrial clients, to improve their business operations, increase critical data security and become intelligence-driven organizations. Our solutions include intelligent automation, industrial control systems, network operations, software development and integration.

Cyber Security

Integrated solutions for your
buildings and infrastructure

ICS provides life cycle solutions for infrastructure security through seamless integration of buildings, physical assets and advanced technology. ICS leading-edge cybersecurity capabilities cover greenfield projects, maintenance and modernization of existing systems with experience in delivering solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, Mass Transit Authorities, Healthcare and International Governments.

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