Risk Management

Due to the complexity of the construction processes and multiple stakeholders’ involvement, managing risks of construction programs is a challenging and critical task. From initial risks assessment, through cost and schedule deviations control, to legal and safety compliance requirements, ICS helps clients to identify, prevent and mitigate potential costly delays, disruptions and assure the highest returns on capital investment.

ICS Construction

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of ICS’ client-centric program management approach. We apply our sophisticated and tested risk management practices from the project’s initiation to the completion. We employ teams that are experienced in the international and local codes and regulations to best assure compliance to all environmental, legal and safety requirements. 

ICS adopts an integrated risk management approach. Our services include:
  • Risk Identification, Analysis and Mitigation
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Management and Response Plan
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Schedule Risk Analysis and Management
  • Cost Control 
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Material Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Safety Management
  • Permits, Clearances and Compliance Management
  • Delays and Disruptions 

Managing Supply chain Cost and Risks

Depending on the industry, the supply chain costs may account for 10-20% of the overall business cost. The big portion of such costs are hidden and unmanaged in outbound logistics, warehousing and excess stock. Similarly, long-term supply chain disruption, may significantly reduce a company's profit and irreversibly destroy its reputation. ICS' end-to-end, data-driven, supply chain control, combined with agile management practices, help businesses to sustain competitive and profitable, and remain prepared for unforeseen crisis, such as Covid-19 pandemic.

Industry Insights

Supply Chain

Integrated solutions to boost
transparency, visibility and control

We leverage our international procurement expertise, market knowledge and global supply chain networks to provide excellent sourcing and swift logistics support to our clients worldwide and ensure the best ROI. ICS helps to establish smart supply chain management processes, integrate the latest technologies and achieve zero latency performance.