Project Management

Solid project management competencies are behind any successful project. ICS has decades of experience in managing multi-phase, multi-site construction projects. Our expertise spans all aspects of project/program management from defining requirements to comprehensive planning, budgeting and scheduling through construction and completion, to post-delivery managed service solutions.

ICS Construction

Project/Program Management

Project management plays a pivotal and vibrant role in the success of our clients’ projects. Regardless of the contracting method, location and complexity, ICS provides a unified array of management strategies throughout the project life-cycle, ensuring efficient and sustainable delivery. Our multi-discipline agile teams of architects, engineers and designers, along with project managers, collaborate together to seamlessly incorporate advanced technologies, ensure quality and cost savings, while minimizing risks.

ICS has expertise in a wide range of international projects, including managing extreme complexity, end-to-end construction of Mission Critical Facilities, Healthcare Cities, and Industrial and Manufacturing buildings. Through years of experience in Defense and Federal markets, we’ve developed the highest standards of excellence and unique methods for aligning stakeholders’ requirements, while meeting cost objectives and delivery deadlines.

ICS Project/Program Management and Construction Management services include: 
  • Planning and Initiation
  • Budgeting and Cost Management
  • Master Schedule / Schedule Controls
  • Project Integration Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Delivery Strategies
  • Site Assessment
  • Contract Management
  • Construction Supervision/Controls
  • Progress Analysis and Reporting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Contingency Planning
  • Change Management
  • Claim Management
  • Safety Management
  • Commissioning
  • Day-2 Support
  • Facility Management
  • Asset Management

how we work

Intelligence-Driven Decisions
We draw smart construction strategies based on thorough data analysis at a very early stage of a program. We maximize technology throughout the program/project life-cycle from phasing, budgeting, scheduling and evaluating design options through construction management to commissioning and post-delivery support services.
Collaborative Approach
We seamlessly integrate all teams, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that all players collaborate and work meticulously together throughout the entire lifespan of the project. We prioritize the client’s needs, provide them project's visibility and incorporate lean technologies to enhance quality, efficiency and overall successful execution of the project.
We’re constantly innovating by redefining project design, building features and construction processes to respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond. This includes future-driven solutions such as integrated buildings, data-driven construction management, automated supply chain, digital infrastructure and intelligent operating systems.
Defined Added-Value
Our ultimate goal at ICS is to bring measurable value to our client’s project. Our teams of engineers, managers and financial experts work together with the client to reduce capital investment, optimize schedules, achieve a zero latency supply chain, maximize a facility’s functionality and reduce maintenance costs.

Industry Insights

Supply Chain

Global Procurement &
Logistics Management

We leverage our international procurement expertise, market knowledge and global supply chain networks to provide excellent sourcing and swift logistics support to our clients worldwide and ensure the best ROI on their investments. ICS helps to establish smart supply chain management processes, integrating the latest technologies and achieve zero latency performance.

Asset Management

From Assessment to
digital transformation

We position ourselves as a strategic partner. Asset management is about teamwork that begins with technology and solution implementation to address the client’s needs and it continues long-term, maintaining operational efficiency, strategy effectiveness and risk management. Our broad services comprise intelligent buildings and advanced infrastructure solutions, digital modernization and day-to-day facility operations and management.

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