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Choosing a project delivery method is one of the most critical decisions an owner will make. This determines the course of action, the project's life cycle, delivery schedule and costs. ICS guides clients through various delivery methods and whichever choice they make we bring our unique strengths of integrating project stakeholders and we delicately orchestrate all aspects to deliver a quality construction on-time and within budget.

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Delivery Methods | Design-Build

Delivery method selection is a critical, early-stage decision that impacts project costs, timeframes, owner control, and mitigation of risk. Clients have multiple delivery methods to choose from, and while traditional delivery systems may feature their own advantages and disadvantages, the experienced ICS team designs the best suited solution for the project’s requirements.

Unique to the ICS approach, we build a comprehensive understanding of  owners’ needs, design and construction aspirations, their tolerance to risks and resources in-hand, along with specific project budget and schedule restraints, and technical aspects of the buildings. We use our experience to recommend the most appropriate method of delivery, and we provide custom-tailored solutions that incorporate ICS’ accelerated approach and may combine elements of multiple project delivery systems. 

ICS offers a Fast-Track delivery methodology leveraging a design-build approach and integrated project controls expertise to accelerate project delivery and reduce costs while meeting technical, functional and design requirements.

Five of the most often used traditional project delivery methods include Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Construction Management at Risk (CM), General Contractor (GC), Design-Build (DB) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Each of these delivery systems present different levels of control for owners during construction, and further, depending on a particular project, the method selection may tremendously affect the project’s schedule, costs, cash-flow and resources required from the client. 

ICS has successfully delivered a multitude of complex, multi-site projects over the past two decades. Generally, our clients have sought our assistance for a Design-Build delivery method, and our project managers were highly adept at achieving multiple parallel goals. These goals include design, buildings’ functionality and smart solutions integration, security systems, and advanced infrastructure development, all while sustaining quality requirements and delivering within the stated budget and timeframe, regardless of how restrictive they may be.  


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