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Cloud as a tool to deliver on the promised benefits of digital transformation

Businesses and governments started to undergo digital advancement for decades ago, and Covid-19 crisis further accelerated digitalization efforts, and reshaped the approach to digitalization. The pandemics highlighted the importance of cloud, and cloud-based platforms and solutions are becoming critical as they enable organization to adapt fast and at scale.

However, “one” cloud solution does not work to all – only industry-specific, customized cloud solutions help organizations to reduce costs, achieve sustainable growth and capture true benefits of digitalization. At ICS, we help clients to move to the cloud – fast, cost effective and secure. From assessment tools and strategy through migration to managed cloud solutions, we help our clients to achieve measurable results and promised returns on investment.

We focus on modernizing and transforming legacy mission-critical applications with cloud platform implementations and achieve increased security at a lower cost of ownership. ICS Cloud Services provisions processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources such as operating systems and business-vital applications. We also manage the underlying cloud infrastructure while maintaining continued control over operating systems, deployed applications and storage.

Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud:

  • Orchestration
  • Charge-back
  • Auto provisioning
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cloud Call Center:

  • ACD/IVR Integration
  • Virtual CRM
  • Call Center Modernization
  • Call Center Design
  • Real Time Performance Analytics

Fedramp Secure Cloud:

Securely run website applications and associated data to ensure performance and growth based on number concurrent users.

Cloud Solutions

Omni-Channel Cloud Call Center / Help Desk

ICS designs and engineers helpdesk and call center solutions utilizing the latest in cloud-based services. These cloud services are secure, scalable, portable, reliable, and flexible. Our services can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, a laptop, and a headset.

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