Our CEO’s New Year Message

Happy New Year!!!

Team: As 2016 comes to a close, I think it is important to take stock of the preceding 365 days, tally our victories and setbacks, and generally balance the books before the process of ramping up operations begins anew. The New Year provides a psychological turning point, an opportunity for us all — collectively and individually — to look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.

This past year had its share of ups and downs, and it ushered through a massive amount of in-house change, perhaps more than the previous three years taken together. Foremost we saw our way through what we predicted to be a difficult financial downswing. As perhaps not all of you are aware, we had forecast closing out the year with an anticipated revenue loss, a serious hit to put it mildly. Thanks in large part to exceptional efforts to re-win expiring work and to modestly grow in some of our current projects, we managed to not only close the disparity, but grow slightly.

In 2016, we underwent a comprehensive company reorganization in ways that were immediately visible to every one of us. Some longtime confederates departed for different shores, but this has been more than balanced out by an influx of new faces, new skillsets, and new ambitions.

In 2016, we performed a comprehensive review of our core competencies and analyzed the markets we might be competitive in. We recognized, at a critical point in the company’s history, we were stuck doing the same things over and over again, and somehow expecting a different outcome. We made some changes. You will be seeing those changes more clearly in the first quarter of 2017. We have taken stock of our “total corporate capability.” For any one of you who participated in the Alliant SB proposal, I’m sure you were amazed at what this company – an emerging small business – has accomplished in such a short period of time. Great start, but now we will be getting very busy seizing the initiative in five areas where we know we can offer a clear and distinct value proposition: Cyber, Cloud, Health IT, Defense Recapitalization & Modernization, and Call Centers.

As most of you know we have completely re-built our Business Development Team and our approach to BD. The most poignant example you will see in January is a complete “Cyber Package” we will be offering in both the commercial and government space. We are meeting with new companies in January to expand our Health IT space. We will refine our Cloud offering and package it like our Cyber offering for commercial and government customers. We hired a new defense logistician starting in January to exploit a market promising to grow rapidly as we bring in a new U.S. President intent of re-building the U.S. Military. We will still be mindful of traditional ICS markets, and will pursue a number of diverse offerings. But 2017 is a year of change, and we have a plan to make that happen. You will see a new Board of Advisors in 2017 to help guide the company. More importantly, you will see credible Subject Matter Experts from ICS who can develop and carry a relationship once a door is open.

Last spring, our Board of Directors announced we would be taking the company public. That announcement triggered a number of substantial changes in how we operate as a company. The final decision will not be made for some time as we establish and codify new standards of corporate and financial governance. In every respect these measures are making us a better, stronger company. Consider for a moment what the company will look like when we match anticipated growth rates with these solid new standards of governance. ICS becomes a much different company in and of itself. Now consider ICS, plus Swiftships, plus OCR? I trust you get the point. Work Hard! 2017 will be a year measured solely by performance. We are transitioning away from being a small company.

Speaking of performance, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the hard work you do every day. Presently our leadership is re-engineering our metrics for worker accomplishment. In the past, performance was often measured by the amount of time an employee spent in the office. We are now creating achievement indicators that will drive productivity and assess accountability in the office and elsewhere. This should not worry anyone; rather it is just a means of helping us each set and reach goals, and focus our efforts. That being said, the grace period for amateur mistakes – and there were plenty in 2016 – is over. As we mature into a big company, we need to act the part. Initiative, self-motivation, self-drive, timely follow-up, professional collaboration and communication, and quality products will be the norm. Think about who we team with regularly: SAIC, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, CSRA, etc. We must think, act, present ourselves, and uphold the same standards they do to ever stand a chance of joining their ranks.

Looking forward then. 2017 will be bringing challenges and developments aplenty. I am extraordinarily proud of this organization. I hope the New Year finds each of you sharing that same pride, and I hope you will join me in my excitement as we plunge headlong into 2017. It’s going to be a phenomenal year.

John Alexander
Chief Executive Officer
ICS Nett, Inc.

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