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Supply Chain

Manufacturing industry has made significant efforts acquiring lean techniques and technologies to improve manufacturing processes, services and maintenance operations. In contrast, relatively few companies prioritize supply chain optimization and automation, that have a critical importance to business performance and the bottom-line.  

From supply chain design and integration, to specialized solutions to manage inventory, logistics, warehouse and stocks, ICS helps clients to plan and execute end-to-end intelligent supply chain implementation. Our solutions help automate labor-intense tasks and provide real-time visibility that reduces errors and significantly increases productivity.

Supply Chain Technology

Solutions including Radio Frequency Identification (RFI), Business Process Re-engineering, Asset Visibility and Tracking

Integrated Logistics

Digital solutions to manage, track and protect your high-value assets

Warehouse & Distribution

From advanced material search capability within large storage facilities to full automation

Material Management

In-depth material, equipment and spare parts digital management solutions


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