Driven by the need to increase operational efficiency, improve production quality and reduce workplace accidents, manufacturers are adopting various forms and degrees of technology integration to their facilities, processes and operations.

The increased use of technologies in manufacturing, along with the emergence of smart factories, and the change in supply chain trends, have pushed manufacturers to find new ways of creating value. The Covid-19 and the imposed safety measures accompanying the pandemic, have increasingly accelerated the need to shift towards automation, putting the value technology brings under the spotlight. Adopting technology and automating manufacturing processes is no longer a choice, rather requirements for manufacturers who want to remain competitive.

ICS offers deep expertise and integrated solutions for manufacturers aiming to optimize their efficiency, advance production lines or fully transform to smart production.

Efficient, more accurate and safer production is achieved through automation. However, one solution doesn’t fit all. ICS’s offers highly customized solutions for the manufacturing industry ranging from existing infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, to a new smart factory design and construction. We help our clients to build sustainable business and optimize the return on investment.

Industry Insights

Digital Transformation

Totally Integrated Automation Solutions

ICS brings technology and knowledge to help industrial clients increase productivity, efficiency and quality, and stay competitive in the fourth industrial revolution era. Our integrated solutions span across intelligent production automation, digitalized supply chain and processes management, and predictive maintenance.

Our Approach

Data-Driven Solution
Our team of technology specialists, engineers and subject matter experts work together to determine the best digitalization strategies for client's specific situation. We use intelligent data analytics and our expertise to develop customized, long-lasting and impactful solutions.
We seamlessly integrate all teams, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that all players collaborate and work meticulously together throughout the entire lifespan of the project. We prioritize the client’s needs, provide them project's visibility and incorporate lean technologies to enhance quality, efficiency and overall successful execution of the project.
We’re constantly innovating by redefining new technological capabilities to improve processes, operations and better respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond. This includes future-driven solutions such as integrated production automation, digital infrastructure and intelligent operating systems.
Defined Added-Value
Our ultimate goal at ICS is to bring measurable value to our client’s project. Our teams of engineers, managers and financial experts work together with the client to reduce capital investment, optimize schedules, achieve a zero latency supply chain, maximize a facility’s functionality and reduce maintenance costs.


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