Digital Modernization

ICS experience is built on designing, implementing and sustaining complex technology integration and software solutions for healthcare institutions and providers.

Our solutions help clients to achieve seamless integration of medical systems, equipment, personnel and patients which support increased medical readiness, enhanced experience of care, and lower healthcare costs. From digitalization solutions,  control infections, to full digital transformation and Smart Hospital strategy implementation, ICS provides reliable and cost-effective solutions. Some of our capabilities include:

  • IT Transformation Planning, Implementation and Management
  • IT Performance Monitoring
  • Asset Management Digitalization 
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Software and Apps development
  • Asset Management Digitalization 
  • Healthcare Data Integration and Interoperability
  • Infrastructure Modernization, Migration and Maintenance
  • Emerging Technology (AI, Intelligent Automation, IoT and more)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Center: Design-Build, Consolidation and Operations
  • Enterprise Governance
  • SOA / SOA Governance
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Strategic CIO Solutions and Services
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Intelligent Data Analytics
  • Dev Ops, Agile Lifecycle Management
  • Help Desk Solutions
  • Managed Service Solutions

Featured Programs

Digital Modernization and Continuous Support

 ICS has successfully supported the military TRICARE community and the newly formed Defense Health headquarters for over a decade. We provide IT Operations and Maintenance Support for the day-to-day operations of three Defense Health Agency (DHA) data centers:

  • Military Health Systems Development and Test Center
  • USA ITC Development, Test, and Evaluation Lab
  • DHA Infrastructure and Operations Branch Infrastructure Test Center

Our scope of work includes:

  • Maintenance control of the servers, storage, network, and appliance devices, hosting over 200 military health applications (DHA and Army)
  • 300 environments
  • 4,500 virtualized systems encompassing numerous software developments and test systems. They support multiple Military Health Systems, electronic health record application development, and sustainment activities
  • Database support

ICS is responsible for extensive cybersecurity and information assurance:

  • Management of all ATO and accreditations.
  • STIG/POA&M management
  • Patch monitoring and implementation
  • Intrusion monitoring and response
  • Anti-virus coordination.
  • Identity and access management, and other related cybersecurity activities.
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Connected Health - Integrated Solutions

ICS is executing multiple awards from GSA to provide integrated Health IT Services. Our scope of work includes digitalization of health information management, analytics and connected health system solutions.

Industry Insights


The growing need for virtual treatments

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the norms in people’s lives and how business is conducted. Healthcare industry was not immune. Telemedicine, for example, was a slow growing segment in healthcare. Patients did not trust having a virtual diagnosis and following a treatment without an actual examination. Despite its limitations, this waning segment stepped up into the spotlight. Throughout this global pandemic, telemedicine has emerged as a suitable solution, enabling patients to stay safe at home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels without risking contamination. Hospitals have also adopted this medium to treat quarantined patients.


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