Healthcare 5.0 and Emerging Trends

The Industry 4.0 technologies are completely transforming Healthcare processes and operating models, enabling care providers to improve patients' experience, advance care delivery and expand precision medicine.

ICS’ innovative solutions drive healthcare industry transformation to Healthcare 5.0. We help our clients implement intelligent health management and maintenance systems, utilize artificial intelligence in clinical decisions support, and connect processes, assets and people. Our solutions build the foundation for Healthcare 5.0 with support for Precision Medicine, Blockchain, Nanorobotics, 3D Printing and Remote Robotic Procedures.

Industry Insights

Emerging Trends

Technologies driving healthcare 5.0

AI and Machine Learning
We enable and use data-driven decisions to use in identifying and controlling diseases, speeding up medical research, and assisting with automatized surgeries.
Robotics and Intelligent Automation
Robots are already assisting surgeons and are used for a number of technical tasks. Their potential for future medical applications is virtually unlimited.
Augmented Reality
Proven to be very useful for training and simulating surgeries as well as cancer and autism treatments, brain surgery, and blood vessel re-connections.
Cloud Computing and Big Data
Allows to process the vast amounts of data providing real-time insights and enabling intelligent decisions.
Digital Twin and Bioprinting
Ground-breaking technology that allows doctors to experiment on a near-to-real replica of the patient with risky or untested medical procedures so they can understand and mitigate them on real patients.


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