ICS Rolls Out Premier Call Center Solution and Sets Sight on Exceeding Industry Call Center SLAs

Vienna, VA – August 11, 2014. ICS has successfully rolled out its premier call center solution servicing more than 2000+ customers per day of operations. Call center agents are successfully managing their service calls with extremely negligible wait times,  where per call wait times are trending further downward.

As explained by Mike Poel, EVP of IT Operations at ICS, “For our service agents, having the ability to quickly find the right information is critical. Using our Call Center Solution’s next-generation integrated console, agents’ screens are optimized to manage case activities with fewer clicks and less scrolling. Additionally, a new user interface that our solution employs streamlines the agent experience. This means that agents can dramatically speed up support and service activities without losing context.

Said Becky Lewis, VP of Human Capital and Program Manager of the Call Center, “We are providing access to our customers information instantly. We keep our agents productive by integrating with our telephony infrastructure.  The ICS solution includes integration with our phone systems and provides flexibility in service so whether its phone, email, or the Web, our customers want options, so we can now make sure our agents have cross-channel service capabilities. We were very proud of our Agents.”

Technical Excellence Achieved

The ICS Call center solution is unique in the industry. The single glass-pane view allows the agents to be more efficient. The dynamic solution uses a unique combination of next generation IVR and CRM technology to allow real-time scalability and increased customer satisfaction with every call. The success of the roll-out demonstrates a stark exampleof innovation and best in class collaboration. To achieve operational readiness in two thirds of the time originally bid, Team ICS delivered a first of its kind solution for our Transit Authority, Commercial client, a new technology platform and departed completely from the on premise solutions of the past. ICS integrated this new Cloud-based Call Center Solution and built its own Integration hooks and customizations to make the overall call center product extensible and dynamically adapted to any new customer. ICS simultaneously tackled the build out of the physical call center premises, including design, wiring and installation, HVAC, communications, security, move-in, staffing and training. ICS successfully integrated millions of legacy and in-process call center customer records into their new platform and migrated them into the cloud while deploying an enterprise multi-language IVR support system that is fully integrated with a suite of performance analytics capabilities.

About the ICS Call Center Solution

The ICS Call center solution, combines highly trained service agents with CRM Service delivered in the ‘Cloud”. Our call center operation has made the great leap forward to a virtualized platform rather than being housed in on-premises data centers and distributed over local-area office networks, in contrast to status quo call center operations, we leverage fully the cloud-computing model to speed operational standup for our new customers. Our approach has dramatically reduced costs by eliminating traditionally huge investments in software or hardware, or long implementation cycles. We have also freed our customer from the ongoing expense and overhead of running and maintaining IT infrastructure for call center software. This enables ICS to focus on job number one, Customer Satisfaction.

To learn about the call center solution and/or receive a demo, please contact us: PR@ics-nett.com