ICS Certified as Professional Partner With VMware

Fairfax, VA – May 27, 2016. ICS Nett, Inc. (ICS) announced today that it had met the requirements for Professional Partner with software company VMware. VMware specializes in cloud and virtualization services and has designed popular product offerings, such as vSphere, vCloud Suite, and Horizon, used extensively in federal, military, and commercial markets. They hold an 89% market share in virtualization platforms.

Much like personal computers that often only use a fraction of their computing power, servers too are rarely taxed to capacity, and consequently house a large portion of wasted compute capacity. Data center virtualization is the mechanism by which the operations of multiple servers, sometimes hundreds or more, can be folded into the locality of a single machine, thereby economically utilizing space that is otherwise remaining idle. Not only does this give ICS excellent resource consolidation, but it also provides added benefits of reducing server cooling costs, applying dynamic resource scheduling based on demand fluctuation, and granting end-users a greater sphere of autonomy.

Like other software giants such as Cisco and Microsoft that offer organizational partnerships, VMware employs a tiered system for which aspirants must meet certain technical requirements as well as reach a given level of company revenue. Partnerships provide several benefits to companies that meet those criteria. In addition to acquiring permission to display the Professional Partner logo on the company website, ICS will now receive technical data software licensing, partner technical support, and discounts on VCP certifications.

“This partnership reflects well on the company because we ourselves use the services that we promote to our clients,” said ICS Director of IT, Jimmy Masood. ICS is assisting multiple offshore clients with data center construction that employs network virtualization. “We are the right people for the job of installing and running virtualized servers because we specialize in this application-as-a-service. We’re not learning on our clients’ time or at their expense,” Masood said.

“You can judge an organization by the partnerships it forms and the company it keeps” said CEO John Alexander. “ICS overcomes new technology challenges on a day-to-day basis so that our clients don’t have to.”

About ICS

ICS, headquartered in Virginia, provides innovative solutions within the IT, ICT, Transit, Health Sciences, Defense, and Logistics markets. ICS’s proven integration processes allow its clients to reduce risks traditionally associated with long-term and large-scale projects. ICS delivers success for its customers by combining carefully selected best practices, a refined agile methodology, and a mission-driven management approach.  ICS is currently accredited at ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2018 and CMMI Level 3 maturity.

For more information contact us at: PR@ics-nett.com