ICS Awarded Call Center Contract to Support 2 Million Customers

Vienna, VA – April 21, 2014. Leveraging more than 5 years of electrical work throughout the Metropolitan Washington and Atlanta, Georgia regions, ICS was awarded a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Electrical IDIQ Contract, on January 2nd of this year.

ICS was given the Notice to Proceed on January 12th for the multi-million base year Contract; there are also (3) three one-year options.  The Contract provides WMATA with a dedicated Project Manager, Safety Manager, Foreman, and Journeymen Electricians.  Further Contract provisions allow for a maximum additional Purchase Orders not to exceed $5 Million.

Ron Clark, the Engineering Director for ICS and former WMATA Engineer and Program Manager, announced “This is an important win for ICS, and an opportunity to showcase our expertise in providing our WMATA Customer first-class Electrician Services.”

ICS provides as required High and Low Voltage Electrician Services for WMATA as assigned by the WMATA Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR).  Work on the Contract has already begun and extends into the various stations, garages and yards in Washington, Maryland and Virginia.  Tasks undertaken so far include;

  • Installation of ATMs
  • Installation of temporary Power circuits
  • Lighting work in various tunnels and yards

The Electrician team is already receiving high praise from WMATA for completing their assigned projects professionally and ahead of schedule. The assigned PM for this project, Ben Theis, commented that “Everything we do out there

[with WMATA] is moving to cement a solid reputation for ICS and will greatly expand the nature of this Contract.”  This exemplifies the ICS “One Team” spirit embraced and led by the ICS CEO Khurram Shah.