ICS Announces iAM™ Release of Integrated Asset Management System

Vienna, VA – May 24, 2016. ICS Nett, Inc. (ICS) has launched an innovative “scalable proximity” integrated Asset Management system (iAM™) to serve the defense and commercial markets. iAM™ is a secure asset management toolkit that provides savings in infrastructure management. Earlier this month, ICS successfully tested iAM™ in the U.S. Federal community; the company deployed a segregated and secure micro‐network that allows for accurate, secure operations of Radio Frequency (RF)‐based inventory scanning.

In announcing the successful debut of the pilot in a Client Building, Board Chairman Khurram Shah stated, “This entry is out of dozens of product offerings in the last five years by our firm, and stands to be one of the most in demand on account of ensuring accountability in the business enterprise.

The iAM™ technical achievement is a unique first and offers unparalleled flexibility in asset management technology due to its revolutionary design. It is built on two success principles of communication in the workplace: sensor agnostic architecture; and the ability to deliver low‐cost, consumer‐based agents. ICS, an award‐winning firm, entered the asset management market in logistics 6 years ago.

According to Mr. Shah, the security and budget pressures of many commercial and government agencies can be met head on, with an ROI of less than one year in lost or misplaced assets.

With this new technology, organizations can use a combination of automated identification technologies such as 2‐D barcodes, passive RFID technology coupled with mobile sensors and consumer grade hardware for inventory management, thereby reducing capital expenditure. For high value assets, active wireless sensors can be integrated to the solution.

iAM™ provides a bond between hardware and software integration with multiple applications in the industry. It is built to address common asset management scenarios such as scanning an asset into inventory, monitoring the asset’s location while in service, and decommissioning the asset. iAM™ allows the flexibility of getting the sensors and the monitoring agents close enough to the passive tags to radically reduce radio interference, all while keeping the hardware costs and management challenges to a minimum. iAM™ operates operates with an existing Wi‐Fi network creating minimal network load.

About ICS

ICS, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, provides innovative solutions within the IT, ICT, Transit, Health Sciences, Defense, and Logistics markets. ICS’s proven integration processes allow its clients to reduce their risks associated with traditionally long‐term and large‐scale projects. ICS delivers success for its customers by combining carefully selected best practices, a refined agile methodology, and a mission driven management approach.

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