By Rajeev Varshneya and Gokula Doss

The Ministry of Interior, Government of Saudi Arabia (MOI) in Riyadh has decided to develop the Security Forces Medical Center – Riyadh (SFMC) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). For this project, ICS is partnering with ABV Rock, the 2nd largest construction company in KSA. The project is currently in the final stages of negotiation and, once started, will be completed in 18 months.

The SFMC is being built on the outskirts of Riyadh and will be a fully self-contained smart city catering to every need of the Saudi Armed Forces when come for treatment to the city along with the family and friends who visit them during the medical treatment. This city would have hotels, residential accommodation, mosques, entertainment facilities, parking garages and a whole lot more all of them integrated to modern ICT infrastructure to provide the best of service servicemen and their family could get. This is an extremely prestigious program for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and our involvement underwrites the respect our company enjoys as a result of the high quality work done by ICS for the UIP Data Center program.

The purpose of the program is to execute the Design, Procure, Install, Test and Transition Tier-III Data Center to MOI. MOI has categorized the work to be done into 31 Work Packages (WP). In addition to the Data Center, this program also includes the work for all required Information and Communication Technology within the medical city which would include Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing and Delivery of these WP’s to the SFMC staff for normal Operation and Warranty Maintenance. The program also incorporates the execution of the integration for all packages related to the Data Center, for the SFMC project. This project for the Security Medical Complex of the Ministry of Interior in Riyadh should be implemented with the state of the art technologies in use for similar projects anywhere in the world.

As the project undergoes execution, ICS will have an outstanding opportunity to upsell new technologies and use-cases over the lifecycle of the program. Given the broad reach and complexity of the program, ICS has done a thorough analysis of the program requirements and developed a ‘grand plan’ to execute this program which ensures success.

One of the biggest challenges in a program this size is to ensure the requirements are vetted and frozen at eth earliest. To that end, we have documented the deficiencies in the program and baselined the specifications for all the ICT WPs. We have also defined the process and content so that should we need to float 3rd party proposals, we are ready to issue these within days of the program award.

We have done extensive study of the WPs and developed relationships with potential suppliers to succeed in the program. We have developed Program Management Life Cycle best suited for Data Center Build we plan to adopt for SFMC. Execution to success of this complex program requires integration of various Best Practices in Program/Project and Technology Management.

This is an exciting program and would put ICS on a different trajectory in our Healthcare and Data Center Construction practices.

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