ken blount

Executive Vice President,
ICT & Business Development

Joining ICS in 2007 as Director of Client Services, Kenneth Blount presented clients with fresh experience, external domain views and was and is considered an expert in management practices, distribution and commercial franchise. His honed commercial sector successes resulted from a progressive career growth and responsibility in leadership roles at including Fortune500© firms BRLHardy USA, LTD (Americas) roles as President, Brown Forman Corp, Senior Vice President, with unique long term skills at each of the three industry tiers including manufacturer, distribution, and consumer market/marketing; further commercial experience in executive roles as and Managing Director, US Based startup GlobalBeverage, Inc., Senior Vice President, International Sales, DPI , Inc, opening commercial and services markets in the Middle East and the Americas; In his tenure at ICS Nett, Inc, he was keen on establishing the concept of verticals and matrix management and has served in opening and developing roles as ICS Director, Vice President, SVP and Executive Vice President, adding structure as the organization grew. Additional services have led to his recognition as expert consult to governments and facilities in the area of risk assessment at a physical layer of campus and compound.

Ken is personally a familiar face in global transit areas, with large firms calling for his knowledge in security and commercial approaches to smart transit technology, including RFID and tracking, as well as crowd management from an information perspective using security, CCTV and associated biometric tools and knowledge. Insistent on documented training and safety as a policy not practice, in 2008, Ken established the safety practices at ICS in transit that have set the standard His team, under his leadership has initiated, drafted, proposed and executed much of the over 100 task orders and significant proposal and contract executions from IT, support, infrastructure and security.

Experience and supportive training and commercialization efforts were key attributes by Blount in building sustainable business in several ICS new Markets. Prior ICS roles include the important ingredients that reward our clients daily with value and trust and shall be the risk mitigated value in his delivery as Executive Vice President of Transit Authorities and Commercial Markets.

In transit and commercial markets, Blount leads the team with his experience and patience to assure quality in people and product. It was this area that evolved the ICS ISS (Integrated Security System) that is used in securing facilities and transit corridors in our projects for safety and security. In the last five years, the ICS RFID portfolio was built and directed under Blount, and is fundamental to the SecureSite ISS planning, implementation and success. The ISS is one of the ICS product offerings, and unique to ICS.

The success in teams developed and new markets as Executive and Director in ICS Telecommunications, Client Services, PMO, and product marketing, as well as EVP leading new markets launching RFID and RTLS practices for ICS, in US and International markets and deploying Security Policy and Analysis for campus and compound in world markets. At ICS he was built markets in transportation, transit, and Federal information and telecommunications sectors and has provided the energies and experience in the strong disciplines needed for Project management is his forte and has included strategic efforts for the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation (VDOT) involving setup structure and operations control migration.

Important in his leadership in Transit, and his ability to understand culture and cooperative teaming, his career has taken him to depth of experience in each and all fifty states, and nearly fifty countries including Capital cities, and four continents. This is the experience that consistently delivers results as Executive Vice President of Transit Authorities and Commercial Markets.