Becky Lewis

Senior Vice President,
Managed Support Services

Rebecca “Becky” Lewis, is the Senior Vice President of Managed Support Services, specializing in CRM and Call Center business. Becky started at ICS utilizing her extensive HR background to build a winning vision and strategy for ICS’ Human Capital department beginning in August 2008. With her previous call center experience at Fannie Mae, she went on to win the WMATA SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center contract for ICS in March of 2014 – this was the first call center for WMATA utilizing a cloud-based solution.

Her unique combination of human resources and operations experience has enabled her to implement policies, procedures and guidelines, necessary to compete in both the Federal and Commercial markets.  Both of her departments within ICS, Human Capital and the Call Center, have achieved ISO 9000, ISO 20000, and ISO 27000 certifications.